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December Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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November Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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October Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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August Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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July Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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June Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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May Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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April Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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March Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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February Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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January Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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Most viewed - 2020 DREAM JOURNAL
1 July 2020 1 She Knows Where The Child Is, I Want To Street This Has Not Happened Yet And She Is A Mother No One Knows Yet.1205 views today
30 December 2020 4 January 27th 2021 Earthquake43 views today
30 April 2020 1 These Are Winning Lottery Numbers For You (May Or June I Think) - May 10th Death.42 views today
29 February 2020 2 Dprk Missile Launch.41 views today
30 March 2020 9 Trump Asks Boris Johnson To Take Hydroxychloroquine It Almost Kills Him On April 8th, 2020. This Is About The Upcoming Death Of Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson Of The Uk, His Death Is Not From The Coronavirus But A41 views today
27 February 2020 2 From 4 Dd'S Dated February 27th 2020 Angela Boswell, R41, Missing Woman, Not Missing? She Will Be Killed By Ex-Friend? Heroin, Megan Killed, From Above, Can Be Seen With Heat Radar? Missing Baby 311 This Is38 views today
29 February 2020 1 Judd Legum Killed Over Email, The Thumb Drive Is 1 Of 4, He Cannot Keep A Secret, Numbers.35 views today
3 July 2020 7 (352) 588-7963 Baby Andrew Caballeiro Found.35 views today
27 February 2020 3 From 4 Dd'S Dated February 27th 2020 Angela Boswell, R41, Missing Woman, Not Missing? She Will Be Killed By Ex-Friend? Heroin, Megan Killed, From Above, Can Be Seen With Heat Radar? Missing Baby 311 This Is32 views today
27 February 2020 4 From 4 Dd'S Dated February 27th 2020 Angela Boswell, R41, Missing Woman, Not Missing? She Will Be Killed By Ex-Friend? Heroin, Megan Killed, From Above, Can Be Seen With Heat Radar? Missing Baby 311 This Is32 views today
29 February 2020 3 Santa Clara Earthquake.32 views today
July 2020 2 Flakes Lead To Over 200 Pounds Of Gold Found At Spotted Tail Coulee, Nation Blocks Access Due To Gold Discovery? Used To Live In Hardin, Numbers, Here Is The Location Per Lasts Night Dd'S, Assuming Its Right On The River Bank, Don'T32 views today
30 August 2020 5 19 21 1 4 1432 views today
27 February 2020 1 From 4 Dd'S Dated February 27th 2020 Angela Boswell, R41, Missing Woman, Not Missing? She Will Be Killed By Ex-Friend? Heroin, Megan Killed, From Above, Can Be Seen With Heat Radar? Missing Baby 311 This Is31 views today
17 May 2020 5 Donald Trump Dies In An Accident (this Has Nothing To Do With His Upcoming Spacex Launch Visit And Event(See Other Dd))31 views today
10 July 2020 2 There Are Circles, Fire, And Smoke Everywhere...This Event Will Happen On July 15th.31 views today
22 July 2020 3 Not Sure.31 views today
18 January 2020 4 188.269 G Gods Color Is Green 188.269 G Is The Weight Of Gods Soul.30 views today
1 February 2020 3 February 2010 Helicopter Crash, Numbers.30 views today
8 July 2020 4 Missing Man Brian Shaffer Comes Home To Set It Right, She Was 22 Years Old, R. Grady, 1000 Greenlawn Ave In Columbus Ohio,, 6143849768, Antidepressants Blue? Will Open A Missing Person Case At Https://Briansprediction.Com/Thumbnails.30 views today
18 July 2020 6 Spring Turns Dry At Jack Daniels Distillery, After Tennessee Earthquake, The Fire Happens At Before This Event, And That Will Be Arson.30 views today
24 July 2020 2 From 3 Dream Drawing Dated July 24th, 2020 The Remains Of Deorr Kunz Junior Located Just 100 Feet From Where The 'secret Dig' Happened, By Fire On The Ground, Deorr Kunz, Hit On The Head With Army Shovel, Numbers, Under Spot M30 views today
1 February 2020 1 Fortune And Health (IMPORTANT: Please Print This Drawing And Keep It Close To Your Bed At Night...It'S Very Important Regardless If You Believe In This Sort Of Thing)29 views today
21 July 2020 2 Q Cicada 3301, August 13th, 2020 (an Awful Day For The World)29 views today
23 July 2020 1 Gold Flakes Found In ? Location? Using The Numbers From The Dd Along With Map Dousing, Here Is The Location, Not Sure How Much Gold Is Here, But It Way More Than One Person Needs. I'M Not Sure Why This Area Would Still Have Gold On29 views today
8 July 2020 8 Japan.28 views today
19 July 2020 1 Tiger Woods Gets Sick.28 views today
20 July 2020 6 Missing Woman Emily Grant Located, Was Being Driver By This Man, She Did No Go There Until July 5th, Call, Numbers, 9787032020 9746716 -, Did Wear Mask On Cctv Ayres, Did Not Want To Go There, White House Near? Case At Https://Br28 views today
24 March 2020 1 April Pick 3 Lottery Numbers (USA Only) You Will Win.27 views today
8 July 2020 6 Louis Farrakhan'S Death Is Directly Connected To A Tweet Donald Trump Sent In August Of 2020 (next Month) Not Sure Why Or How.27 views today
8 July 2020 7 Major Solar Event About To Happen, No The Sun Will Not Explode.27 views today
9 July 2020 4 Dylan Pass Event Happen Again In The Same Area, The Sky Turns Orange On September 9th, 2020 In The Same Area, Something Was In The Ice That Thawed Out...Anyone According To The Web These Are The People That Were In Event Back In 1950s The 27 views today
10 July 2020 6 24 Years, Not Sure What This Is About, 07969 101 955 Maybe A Non Us Phone Number, Movement Kills, Look Under Her Bed, 233245475186. Thea Dies, Numbers.27 views today
10 July 2020 8 Yello Jackpot 5103435132125 Now (could Not Find A Yellow Jackpot Lottery) Maybe A Phone Number Not In The Usa.27 views today
18 July 2020 2 If It'S Your Turn, You Will Dream It, Win Now (lottery, Just Play These Numbers With A Friend)27 views today
18 July 2020 9 Beverly Beatty Releases Financial Statement Regarding Her Payment From This Offshore Account Related To The White House And Donald Trumps Son? 026007993 8217829833 32432432 Can'T Read The Rest.27 views today
20 July 2020 1 Trump 2020 Killer, Yellow Vest.27 views today
23 July 2020 3 New Millionaire, Finds Gold, And Does Not Have To Pay Taxes On It? (this Is A News Headline In August 2020 I Think) He Was At +1 406 638 3500 ? Metal Detector Finds Gold Flakes, 4561154 1074506627 views today
9 July 2020 2 Donald Trump Makes 5 Secret Calls To Jair Bolsonaro Of Brazil In A Plot To Murder People That Threaten Him, The New York Times Reporter In The Country Will Also Be Killed By An Organized Crime Group (this Is A Dream Not A Fact Or Tip) 26 views today
10 July 2020 4 Paul Manafort Dies Just 97 Days After He'S Pardoned By Donald Trump, The Accident Has Nothing To Do With His Freedom. 26 views today
30 August 2020 6 Falls Off Here15 views today
30 March 2020 3 My Pillow Parkinson'S Disease Did Not Kill Him, It Was Murder By The Same Man That Was Arrested For Stalking Him. This Is Man, See Dreams From A Few Weeks Ago About The Death Of Mr Pillow.13 views today
26 July 2020 1 Missing Suzanne Morphew Found He Tried To Take To The Near Old Hospital? Decided A Foolproof Way To Hide Her Body Under Broken Concrete, Police Used A Dog But He Knew That, Blue Boxes, A Broken Gate, Grass Too High? Gas Cans, Oil Can? Nu13 views today
30 August 2020 1 He Is In The Trailer13 views today
12 December 2020 2 Bc 49 Look For Nines? 32 - 33 9 - = 29 49 29 R.A.S.13 views today
31 July 2020 1 Terror In The Sky, Another Nightmare Ufo Dream.11 views today
28 August 2020 5 September 1st, 2020 This Is Going To Happen.11 views today
29 August 2020 7 The Killer Is Here, Second Floor, Marks On The Door, Double Tree Hotel Pleasant Prairie, Numbers.11 views today
27 September 2020 7 Erbil Airport In The Sky - Steel Rain - Usa Target - C Ram Not Sure - War Dream Maybe.11 views today
1 October 2020 1 Missing Girl Morgan Nick Is Still Alive Is Still Suffering From Her Mental Illness - Its A Genetic Disease And Another Family Member Has It - She Is Not Missing - 5013197018 - He Took Care Of Her Until August - They Went To Frog Bayou - 11 views today
28 October 2020 8 Jacob Wohl Charged Fraud And Treason Over A Fake Company Surefire Intelligence After Renaming It To Typhoon Investigations - More Numbers - Address And Phone Numbers - Not A Heart Attack.11 views today
30 March 2020 8 Next Moth Us Predental Candidate Joe Biden Is Set Up By Donald Trump On A Secretly Recorded Phone Call That Will Be Leaked To The Media On April 7th Of The Same Year, Numbers (FYI, As Soon As I Get Over This 'cold10 views today
25 July 2020 1 From 2 Dd'S Dated July 25th 2020 Alexis Murphy Remains Located By An Amateur Detective, Randy Allen Taylor Did Not Strangle Her Alone, Kevin Dillion Iii Was There That Morning, Not Night. The Morning And Night Thing Is Importan10 views today
25 July 2020 5 An Upcoming Bus Crash.10 views today
30 July 2020 1 Tuesday, August 4th, Numbers.10 views today
Canada Lotto 649 Winning Lottery Prediction Lottery - Use These Numbers When You See Them - It Does Not Matter When This Dream Was - It Is New For You And You Will Win - Follow The Lines - The Bonus Number Is Marked With A Line - This Is A Deep Dream10 views today
27 August 2020 4 Proudboy Shooter, Death? Numbers.10 views today
28 August 2020 3 Frontotemporal Dementia Is Not What Killed Donald Trump, It Was A Heart Attack And It Was In His Drink, Russia Did This, Vet Drug, Secret Servicer, Untraceable Heart Attack Drug.10 views today
28 August 2020 2 Church Burns, September 2020 Event That Can Be Prevented...Very Sad.10 views today
29 August 2020 3 Roger Stone'S Phone Call With Proudboy Member Was Recorded, Rodger Stone Killed Over A Failed Blackmail Plan, Was Responsible For The Car Fires In Kenosha Car Dealership, They Always Have A Skateboard An Always Target Places Marked 10 views today
30 August 2020 2 Why? She Had Her Whole Life Ahead Of Her.10 views today
9 September 2020 11 Danielle Imbo And Richard Petrone Jr. Missing Case Solved? He Did Not Have A Gun But They Still Got Into The Truck, $75,000, Not Gold? Schuylkill River Park, They Were In The Same Hole, Kill Park (see Attached Map) Case At Https:/10 views today
28 October 2020 3 Your Pet Is Sick - If You'Re Reading This And Have A Pet - Check On Them :)10 views today
28 October 2020 7 Linda Collins-Smith Was Killed By This Man - Rebecca Was There But Attacked Them After He Hit Them With This Object - He Lives Near This Church In Jonesboro. Case At Https://Briansprediction.Com/Linda-Collins-Smith10 views today
30 October 2020 1 Texas Two Step Winning Lottery Numbers For November 2020 For More Visit Https://Briansprediction.Com/Win10 views today
28 November 2020 1 Flynt Lee Murder Case Finally Solved - These Are Not The Men Who Did This - The Police Officer Investigating The Case Help Create Is Retired Now - Ricky Burrow Was Paid 25k By Here - Billy Logan Missing Man - Love - It Was Not Organize10 views today
28 November 2020 4 Lottery - Play Now (seriously, Share And Play These Numbers As Soon As You Read This Now Matter Where Or When, Just Play Them!)10 views today
29 November 2020 2 You Know Her - She Is Going To Die Unless You Tell Her To Get The Test - Doing It Now Will Save Her Life - Not Too Late (np Matter What The Date Of This Dd, Tell Her Please!!)10 views today
29 December 2020 3 Larry Kings Funeral Problem Caused By This, Anderson Cooper, Love, Numbers (this Will Happen Before Anderson Cooper Is In The Helicopter Crash, See Past Dd'S)10 views today
31 December 2020 3 Daily Million - Jan 16 1 17 3 19 Or 9 3410 views today
23 February 2020 1 Missing Amelia Fairchild Found By Lake, Not Lake Reservoir? Numbers, Music, I Hear Music, 7 Days, Safe. More At Https://Briansprediction.Com/Amelia9 views today
29 June 2020 7 From 2 Dds Dated 6/29/20 Malachai Talley Located Went The Wrong Direction, The Report Is Wrong, In Writing, 406 49702259, Fort Peck, More Numbers, Malachai Talley Found Case At Https://Brianspredi9 views today
30 June 2020 1 6173459300, Smell The Smoke, This Is Him ??9 views today
13369 23 July 2020 4 Missing Dylan Esa㺠Gã³Mez Found With Him, No Trafficking, The American Family Is Rich, 529671917938 Helvã©Rica B612 Hotel, Room 3, Back, Numbers, Adoption Agency Nyc Case At Https://Briansprediction.Com/Thumbnails.Php?Album=29 views today
24 July 2020 6 This Is The Upcoming Black Lives Matter Shooter, He Is By Himself And Other Details On The Dd, Including A Phone Number (s)9 views today
27 July 2020 1 Hailey Dunn Found Safe At This Open Market In, Bone Hollow, Blue Tarp, , Numbers, Case At Https://Briansprediction.Com/Thumbnails.Php?Album=2529 views today
31 July 2020 3 3234672800 3 Days Fire December 25th S ??9 views today
28 August 2020 6 1 Person Is Dead After A Shooting During Protests In Downtown Portland This Happened On August 29th 2020 These 2 Dreams Were On August 28th, This Is Without A Doubt That Shooting 2 Dreams Say Dream Number 13522 28 August 20209 views today
25 August 2020 2 8009859143 Shooter 439 views today
30 August 2020 4 4 5 8 13 17 289 views today
30 August 2020 7 David Mayman Boris Jarry Arrests Made September 22? Did Not Do This, La Tv? Numbers9 views today
10 September 2020 3 Please Tell Jessica To Wait 2 Minutes Before Going Here On Monday, September 28th, 2020, Important.9 views today
31 October 2020 1 Miguel Quezada Missing Man From Mesa Arizona Located He Was At This Home In Navojoa Sonora Mexico - She Saw What He Was Carrying - Wrong Man - Numbers - Santa Barbara - Altar Municipality 528002378392 Case At Https://Brianspredicti9 views today
27 November 2020 1 Kristin Smart Missing Woman Located - 8055437580 - Plastic Sheets - Look Again Behind The House Under This Object - The Watch Has Blood On It But Its Not Rusted Because Its Plastic - The Watch Is 16 Feet From The Body Case At Https:9 views today
30 December 2020 1 Spacex Accident Was Dprk - This Will Be A Major Setback For Spacex And North Korea Is Why.9 views today
30 January 2020 8 Joshua Vallow Missing Boy Found Here (this Is About 2 Missing Children Tylee And Joshua Vallow And Their Biological Mother Lori Vallow. This Is An Odd Case And I Did My Best To Produce A Search Map. There Was No Ange8 views today
26 February 2020 2 Too Young To Die, Top The Hate, Not Her Fault.8 views today
30 March 2020 2 Call Tell Her To Read Luke 21:118 views today
29 April 2020 2 May 12, Ship8 views today
28 May 2020 1 A Tor.8 views today
30 June 2020 2 Yrc Worldwide Insider Arrests Made, This Is The Man? Killed By A Family Member Over, Mar-A-Lago Meeting, All 12 Of Them Bought Stock. Numbers, Independence Kansas Stock Yrc Darren D. Hawkins Says Out Of Federal Prison S8 views today
28 July 2020 1 Jonbenet Ramsey, John Mark Karr Takes Places To The Place He Buried The Money, John Bennett Ramsey Arrested And Released? Numbers, Natalee Holloway Confirmed To Be In Barranquilla, After Fire ?, Call +57 5367 7777 Will Open A Case A8 views today
29 July 2020 2 May 23, 2020 Chaffee County, Colo. €” Despite Rumors Circulating Online, The Chaffee County Sheriff'S Office Confirmed Friday Afternoon That Suzanne Morphew, A Missing Woman From The County, Has Not Been Located And There Have Been N8 views today
30 July 2020 4 Don'T Let He Kill Her Baby, Numbers.8 views today
31 July 2020 4 I Can See His Face.8 views today
3 May 2021 6 5123465683 Sola Gratia Parousia Matthew 25:46 Jesus Is Real Brian - Trust - Unexplained Lights Over Texas In May And June Are A Sign That Jesus Is Going To Return On Julian'S Date? 177(This Dream Is For Me And I Do Not Believe In Jesus8 views today
28 August 2020 1 Remember Twister? If You Do Be Ready For A Horrific Dream About It. The Dream Is Important As It Will So You Something You Need To Learn.8 views today
28 August 2020 4 Trump Did This, Eyes Open But Dead, Shooting, Call 5032199224, Paintballs From Walmart, More Numbers And An Address. 8-28-20 This Is A Business Number And I Don'T Think Its About A Restaurant. Gandhis Indian Restaurant 828 views today
2 September 2020 2 Buy Hgsh At 99 Cents A Share Sell It At $297.308 views today
28 October 2020 6 Mary Catherine Olenchuk - Breaking News - Case Solved Using A Cross - He Is A Preacher - Peter Olenchuk And Ruth Knew This Man - He Currently Works At A Walmart In Concord Nh - Government Coverup Of The Murder Of 23 People Case At Ht8 views today
1 November 2020 6 This Will Change Your Life And It'S Totally Free To Try - Print Out This Drawing - Fold It Twice And Put Inside Your Pillowcase Or Whatever You Use To Sleep On. Now Forget About It - In A Week Or So Things Will Change For You - If8 views today
2 November 2020 8 Love - Mega Millions Reverse? Numbers - Not Sure When - Just Play If Anyone Wants Me To Pick Private Numbers For Them Visit Https://Briansprediction.Com/Win Asap8 views today
24 November 2020 2 Evil Dog8 views today
2 December 2020 3 Important - This Dream Will Change Your Life - First Share This Drawing With A Friend And Have Them Do It - Steps 1 - Print This Dream Drawing - 2 - Fold In Have Twice In The Same Direction With The Image Facing Inward - 3 - Keep It Cl8 views today
1 January 2020 5 Size Is All.7 views today
30 January 2020 2 The Explosion And Fire On February 8th Will Make The Air Toxic, But There Is No Test For What'S Making The People Sick...Not Yet.7 views today
30 January 2020 7 Joshua Vallow Missing Boy Found Here (this Is About 2 Missing Children Tylee And Joshua Vallow And Their Biological Mother Lori Vallow. This Is An Odd Case And I Did My Best To Produce A Search Map. There Was No Ange7 views today
30 January 2020 9 Joshua Vallow Missing Boy Found Here (this Is About 2 Missing Children Tylee And Joshua Vallow And Their Biological Mother Lori Vallow. This Is An Odd Case And I Did My Best To Produce A Search Map. There Was No Ange7 views today
30 January 2020 11 Joshua Vallow Missing Boy Found Here (this Is About 2 Missing Children Tylee And Joshua Vallow And Their Biological Mother Lori Vallow. This Is An Odd Case And I Did My Best To Produce A Search Map. There Was No Ang7 views today
31 January 2020 3 Sylvester Stallone Killed.7 views today
31 January 2020 1 A Tragic Bus Accident On Monday, February 3rd, 2020 (next Month)7 views today
16 March 2020 2 Natalee Holloway, A Missing Woman, Is Still Alive And Still In The Same Location. Barranquilla Colombia Jehovah'S Witness Kingdom Hall (see My Past Dreams On This...The Past 15 Years Of Them) Natalee Ann Holloway7 views today
17 March 2020 2 Upcoming Oil Tanker Derailment.7 views today
30 March 2020 7 Numbers, May Or May Not Be Winning Lottery Numbers (FYI, As Soon As I Get Over This 'cold 'I'll Try My Best To Figure Out What Some Of These Fever Dreams Are About)7 views today
29 June 2020 9 South Shore Shooting, Blue Hills Reservation, Cctv 197 Ivory Street, Has Her Picture, Trump Race?7 views today
21 July 2020 3 Lottery Numbers.7 views today
21 July 2020 4 I Was Watching Some Sort Of Live Stream Youtube Channel About A Protest In The Usa, This Object Fell Crushed Dozens Of People...On Live Tv. Blood Was Everywhere, I Was In Tears, Then A Helicopter Crashed.7 views today
24 July 2020 1 From 3 Dream Drawing Dated July 24th, 2020 The Remains Of Deorr Kunz Junior Located Just 100 Feet From Where The 'secret Dig' Happened, By Fire On The Ground, Deorr Kunz, Hit On The Head With Army Shovel, Numbers, Under Spot M7 views today
25 July 2020 4 Breaking News Event On July 28th 2020, Not Sure Of The Time, The Crash Is Here, The Fire And Explosion Is Over Here, Phone Number Of The Event On The Bottom.7 views today
29 July 2020 1 Today Show Stars Dies.7 views today