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My ONLY SISTER, Christine died today - I love you  Play album slideshow

psychic brian ladd

My ONLY SISTER, Christine died today - I love you

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psychic brian ladd

December Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

November Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

October Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

September Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

August Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

July Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

June Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

May Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

April Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

March Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

February Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

January Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer


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Most viewed - 2015 DREAM JOURNAL
17 February 2015 These Are Winning 'lottery Pool' Numbers for March, 2015 by Astrology Signs, to Play Pick Your Numbers From the Dd That Pertains to You, Pick the Amount of Numbers You Need for Any Lottery You Wish but Pick Quickly, With N1169 views today
17 September 2015 Farmington Hills Michigan 1/4 Miles From Road Buried 613 Lake Shore1157 views today
27 January 2015 a C130 Crashes When Delivering Aid by the Red Cross to Help the People Affected by the 2015 Indonesia Earthquake (Pending) the # 6713723 Is Important 21 views today
Missing Person Maura Murray 6913 24 September 2015 This Was a Public Request From...well I'm Really Not Sure Who. It Took Me Most of Today to Translate the Most Important Part of Some 16 Plus Dream Drawings. I'm Sad to Say I Do Not Think Maur21 views today
31 January 2015 6163 Australia Airlines 20 views today
31 January 2015 Leader Cancels Trip to Moscow Yet He Still Dies, Kim Jong-un Dies of Po 84 in Russia, Kgb Had Nothing to Do With It, the Cia and Mr. John-un's Family Made It Happen. 20 views today
29 September 2015 Earthquake Dd's...again...which I No Longer Trust. 20 views today
30 March 2015 Same as Last Night, Will Try and Translate Later19 views today
23 January 2015 Friday 30 January 2015 Crash, Was Not an Accident, Read His Notes, 61127 a 4118 views today
24 January 2015 a Small Earthquake at 36 Degrees North, 97 Degrees West on Saturday January 31st of This Year Will Open a Crack That Will Over Time Cause 7.6 Million People to Flee the Area Due to Poison Water? Other Details and Times on Dd 18 views today
27 January 2015 1 66 48 37 27 41 12 Time Shop18 views today
28 September 2015 Jesus Is Coming Our Father in Heaven Hallowed Be Your Name, Your Kingdom...not Really Sure, This Was Not a Good Dream.18 views today
26 January 2015 New Hamptue Elbit System, Pyramid, Connecting Room Still Attached to Mattress, Daniel Crowley, Gtec, 4 Deaths, (703) 601-367017 views today
29 January 2015 February 6 2015 11:42 Am 177621151 Bus Accident H.t. Jerry 17 views today
30 January 2015 This Is a Weight Loss Drink That Blocks Fat From Being Digested by the Body, It's Important That You Use Spring Water for This, and as Always Ask a Doctor Before Trying Anything Your Not Sure of. 17 views today
30 September 20152 Lottery for October 3rd, Patter 3 5 7 2 3 2 1 11 5 17 views today
I Will Love You Always Christine Christine Ladd, I Will Always Love You, Your Brother Brian17 views today
26 January 2015 February 7th 2015, Pm, Family Killers Car Crash 7116223, School (This Is a Motor Vehicle Crash)16 views today
28 January 2015 7112696112 Fountain, This Is the Man Who Has Been Following John Travolta. He Knows About the Letter Yet He Was Not the Man Who Caused His Death on Christmas, Forced Off Road? 16 views today
4 May 2015 Chandini Portteus Secrets Exposed16 views today
25 July 2015 Abdellah Elmash Ribi ? Murdered Over False Information 16 views today
10 December 2017 Killer of Jewish Gathering Was Jewish16 views today
S Dream Diary 2015 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 15 views today
20 February 2015 Wikipedia Shut Down Due to Terrorist Funding, 761215 views today
17 June 2015 This Is Several Requests That I Combined on 2 Dream Sheets, Lottery Numbers (Surprise, Surprise) for the Megamillions (Us) Powerball (Us) Euromillions, Australia Oz and the Ukraine Lottery - This Is for the Time Period of June 22nd to July 315 views today
25 July 2015 Lot 613428 Sam's Club E.coli Vegetables Taylor Farms Vegetable M?15 views today
31 August 2015 487118 36298 Lid Closed Cracked Laptop Screen, You Need to See What's Next, Danger and Death September 29th 2015 487113 36298 15 views today
2 October 2015 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 15 views today
28 October 2017 Will Translate Later, Sad15 views today
26 January 2015 New Chitose Airport Winning Japan Green Lottery Ticket Sold April 14th 201514 views today
27 January 2015 This Is a Time Machine, the Area That 'time Travel' Occurs Is Marked.14 views today
30 January 2015 Rio Danger14 views today
28 February 2015 Tunnel Can't Get Out14 views today
1 September 2015 a Person Who Rarely Plays the Lottery Matches All 6 Numbers on Tuesday September 8th 2015 (Not Sure What Lottery)14 views today
24 January 2015 This Will Happen Next Week, a Semi-truck Runs a Family Off the Road, It Ends Badly.13 views today
27 January 2015 Bark Sauberung 611667398 414 May 10th 1933 - Berlin, Moscow, January 30th 2015, May 9th 2015 Moscow 13 views today
29 January 2015 1014 1.2 Feet, in This Was Is the Letter, the Demons Are Real, Burn Holes, Flexeril, Fulton, Death in 6 Days, 2015 Holes in the Walls, She Left Las Wishes in Walls!! (770) 754, Patrick, Save Her 13 views today
23 February 2015 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 13 views today
26 February 2015 Details of a Massive Fish Kill, No One Knows Why for Some Time...and I'm Not Sure Why13 views today
28 March 2015 776311427766 Fire Starts Here Q/2 Mile West High School Flames Rise 20? Feet April 2nd, 2015 Ala 13 views today
30 March 2015 Same as Last Night, Will Try and Translate Later13 views today
28 May 2015 Warm Love Saint Louis True Love Amazing? 13 views today
Orginial Dds From July 2015 Video Review Original Dd's From July 2015 Video Review, More Details at : Http://goo.gl/4trt6c 613 views today
23 September 2015 Lake Minatare Revels a Wonderful Secret, Stop Digging Now, These Fossils Are Just the Tip of the Ice Burg13 views today
Brian S Dreams 2016 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 13 views today
Brian S Dreams 2016 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 13 views today
Brian S Dreams 2016 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 13 views today
31 December Numbers for a Lottery in 4 Days, I'm Not Sure Where Yet, Sorry 13 views today
26 January 2015 Not Sure12 views today
22 February 2015 Winning Numbers for a Lottery on March 30th of This Year12 views today
30 March 2015 Same as Last Night, Will Try and Translate Later12 views today
1 May 2015 Something to Do With Danger and Coke Cola12 views today
1 May 2015 Jesse Venture Is Murdered, This Is the Ex-professional Wrestler (Almost 100% Sure) 12 views today
30 June 2015 Teens Deface the Cave of the Patriarchs, Yosef Garfinkel Killed.... 12 views today
27 August 2015 This Was Very Scary, and I Do Not Think It for Me, Room, Bed No Not Sleep in the Bedroom on Friday September 11th, at 3:03 Am 27 Shots From 3 Automatic M16 Weapons Will Kill 2 People, Mexican Drug Cartel Hot Wrong House, 76132 76132 612 views today
27 August 2015 Locto 763999 Mental Illness Cured by Patrick Derkx, ??? No ?? Killed Over Research12 views today
29 August 2015 More Bad News, This Is a Plane Crash to Happen Are the Same Time as the Earthquake...i Also Just Checked..no Plane Crash Yet...9:53 Pm Est12 views today
31 August 2015 the Explosion at the Catedral Nossa ? Church Only Kills 12 but the Bomb Was 'wrapped' With a Radioactive Substance. Very Scary and Real Dream, Took Me 5 Minutes for Me to Convince Myself It Was a Dream 12 views today
1 September 2015 This Is the Location of a Body, Not Sure Who. 41375tsru Body Is Behind Eagle Truck Center, Saint Vincent Shreveport12 views today
28 March 2015 Line, Michele Orr 66274 Inside Perons, Pellerin, He Has Called Before, Do Noy Let Him Take You There, Line 11 views today
31 March 2015 I Don't Know 11 views today
24 April 2015 3 Oct 2015 David Wells Murdered, David Wells Murdered by ? Re2030 901 Long Meadow, July 2011 3:27 Pm 6 Million Tax Fraud, Remolding, Red Car? 11 views today
4 May 2015 1923 Lauretta Ave? Balitmore Maryland - Go There Now11 views today
7 July 2015 False Flag, Russia Usa 8th Day of July 2015 War Will Kill 5 Billion People Before Its Over? 031-722-800 W 11 views today
25 July 2015 Ex Apple Employee Releases First Trojan Virus for Ios Devises Ht??11 views today
Orginial Dds From July 2015 Video Review Original Dd's From July 2015 Video Review, More Details at : Http://goo.gl/4trt6c 111 views today
28 August 2015 6698412 Printing? For Him - Do Not Do It, Keep It With the Basic Design, on Sept 17th 2015 Do Not Let Him Go (No Idea, but I Think It Was a Happy Dream)11 views today
1 September 2015 Reward for a Cold Case in Florida, No Idea What Its About11 views today
23 September 2015 12 Members of Mohammed Al Issa Family Killed -- New Irgun (Was a Real Group in Israel) King Salma's Assassination Was Not Related to Pope Francis Accident (Almost All the Information on This Dd Has Come Up Several Times Last Year)11 views today
26 October 2017 3 More Jewish Synagogues Burn in Canada and the Usa (Other Dd, and Its Not Happened Yet) Police Cannot Connect These Crime...again, He Is the Symbol Left 'behind the Trash'...more Numbers11 views today
16 December 2017 Tv Ph 782 Britney Spears Concert Black Box 6 Concert Terrorism 40782778270 Nyx Not Sure.11 views today
22 January 2015 No Clue10 views today
22 January 2015 Earthquakes Awaken Colo Volcano (Real Place) Island Triples in Size. 10 views today
22 February 2015 611132982 2014 Olympics, Justice Served, Leonid Martynyuk Killed, Sochi March 22nd, Kiev Nuclear Explosion 10 views today
24 February 2015 Man Killed Over 'suit Case Nukes' Yet Information Leaked to 'wikileaks' , (Terrorist Related, So Not More Translating - Fyi It Seems to Be Repeats of Past 3 Months Dreams) 10 views today
28 March 2015 3r Thomas Evens, 824202849 89 Hrc Bells / Food Shope Even Swanson Wins Lottery 10 views today
1 March 2015 3/29/15 Very Odd Sort of Dreams Last Night, All I Think Were Wonderful...and That's All I Know Right Now. Will Translate if I Can Later Today. 10 views today
1 May 2015 the 3rd Major Earthquake in Hawaii Uncovers Billions of Dollars Worth of Rare Stones. 10 views today
28 May 2015 Hundreds Killed as 'flood Control Tunnels' Overwhelmed With Rain Fall, Mole People of Las Vegas Id 66332 777 66 10 views today
13 November 2017 Superman Ii Opening Scene Inspired Dokka Umarov's Son (and That's All There Is, Yes Its a Plate)10 views today
29 December 2017 No Memory of This Dd, Note: Got the Autopsy Report Back About My Sister and It's More Than Likely Diverting the Source of My Nighty Dreams. 10 views today
1 January 2015 East Turkestan Islamic Movement Isb International School of Beijing, 4 Day Standoff Leaves More Than 1,000 Dead, 6613 9 views today
21 January 2015 Dupla 2 20 21 9 16 35 Sena Building School? 9 views today
31 January 2015 Working on This One9 views today
20 February 2015 Eddie Murphy9 views today
24 February 2015 a Structure Collapse on March 18th, Assuming This Year.9 views today
1 March 2015 3/29/15 Very Odd Sort of Dreams Last Night, All I Think Were Wonderful...and That's All I Know Right Now. Will Translate if I Can Later Today. 9 views today
1 March 2015 3/29/15 Very Odd Sort of Dreams Last Night, All I Think Were Wonderful...and That's All I Know Right Now. Will Translate if I Can Later Today. 9 views today
30 March 2015 Same as Last Night, Will Try and Translate Later9 views today
30 March 2015 Same as Last Night, Will Try and Translate Later9 views today
30 March 2015 Same as Last Night, Will Try and Translate Later9 views today
31 March 2015 I Don't Know 9 views today
20 August 2015 More Details on the Horrible Crash to Happen on Monday, August 2015 (Time and Press Release on Dd) 9 views today
29 August 2015 the Earthquake Tomorrow Will Be Helpful in a Way We Will Not Understand...just Checked 9:43 Pm Est and No Earthquake Yet.9 views today
Powerball and Megamillions Lottery Winning Numbers May to September 2015 Psychic Brian Power Ball and Mega Millions Lottery Correct Predictions From 2015...so Far. (There Are With All the Numbers Correct)9 views today
Winning Lottery Number Predictions for Euromillions and the Uk National Lottery From April 2015 2015 Uk National Lottery and Euromillons - Since April 2015 I Urge Anyone Interested in the Number of Correct Prediction for Theses 2 Lotteries During the 9 views today
22 September 2015 a Mother Kills Her Child on September 30th 2015 (Other Details on the Dd, I'm Not Going to Translated All of Last Nights Dreams, as They Were Something I Do Not Wish to Experience Again)9 views today
26 November 2017 Dream by Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 9 views today
23 January 2015 Water8 views today
16 February 2015 in the Sky, Stay Away (I Did Not Like This Dream)8 views today
30 March 2015 Same as Last Night, Will Try and Translate Later8 views today
30 March 2015 Same as Last Night, Will Try and Translate Later8 views today
31 March 2015 I Don't Know 8 views today
29 April 2015 Victory Day Russian Church8 views today
29 April 2015 2 Nuclear Power Plants, Metsamor (Real) Salem (Real, in the Us) Have Major Accidents Caused by the Same Power Boxes. 8 views today
1 June 2015 Love, Kinestick Writer of '740 Park' Michael Wonderful, Seizure Causes He to Destroys His Life's Dream, No April 19, Joy No Pain, 387 Dead, John Deer 33.5 8 views today
29 June 2015 This Is an Invention Dream About Saving Lives on Auto Accidents, This New System Basically Takes Most of the Energy of a Crash and Directs It Up, Sort of Life a Ejection Seat on a Fighter Jet...except It Does Not Shoot Anyone Up in the Air :8 views today
7 July 2015 for Real!!!! 235516245 They Are Trying to Start a War W O P R 8 views today
25 July 2015 Doctor Confirms Life Was Saved, Red Cross New Donation Tracking App Increases Donations by 2500%, Can Tell When Someone's Life Was Saved by the Donor (a New Way of Tracking Blood Donations...all the Way to It's Source. A Doctor Con8 views today
31 August 2015 487118 36298 Lid Closed Cracked Laptop Screen, You Need to See What's Next, Danger and Death September 29th 2015 487113 36298 8 views today
2 September ?? Bonneau Lake 110 Meters East of ?? Line New Dirt Is Full of Gold8 views today
19 September 2015 if You're Reading This Out Loud Translating From Programmed Human Speech...you're Insane. Read This Out Loud and Meditate on Why Your Soul Is Still Using Human's Past Aggressions and Insanity. Thought Was Meant to Free 8 views today
22 September 2015 Another Train Derailment, Using the Same Devise the Same Person Is Responsible8 views today
Winning Lottery Number Predictions for Euromillions and the Uk National Lottery From April 2015 2015 Uk National Lottery and Euromillons - Since April 2015 I Urge Anyone Interested in the Number of Correct Prediction for Theses 2 Lotteries During the 8 views today
24 September 2015 a Very Sad and Deadly Vehicle Crash, Plate Number on Dd and Other Info, Happened on 9/29/15, I Do Not Know the Time Yet...8 views today
26 September 2015 More Death Stuff8 views today
26 September 2015 Top Secret Gravity 'gps' System Plan and Specs Posted on Wikileaks8 views today
30 September 20152 Books All Over 1.43 Miles South of Shelf Plane Crash. Books Wilth Williams8 views today
21 October 2017 Torre Mayor Building in Mexico Collapses Into a Hole No One Knew About, This Does Not Stop the Mob Style Killings Foe People Connected to the Building Though8 views today
25 October 2017 an Eyeball, Killer Injured Hospital Gown? 13 13211 F S R ...more Stuff 8 views today